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Remodels and Renovations
Add Value

From updating  bathrooms and kitchens to making safety adjustment that allow you to stay in your home as you age, HouseWrights ID has the tools and experience to help you customize and shape your home to fit your ever changing needs. We will work with you on your specific remodel project.

There are two ways to get started!

Request Rough Estimate

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Send us an email describing your project and we will give you a rough estimate of what your project will cost and what steps we can take to move forward. Given the scope of your project, an in person consultation may be needed to assess the scope of the work and provide an accurate quote. 

Schedule Consultation

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Book an on site consultation where one of our trained technicians will come to your home and go over the work you want done in person. The technician will then prepare a formal quote for you outlining what your project will cost and when you can expect the work to be completed. 
1/2 hr Consultation - $30
1 hr Consultation - $55



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