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New Home Construction
Create Value

Wooden Home Framing

Building a new home is an exciting and intimidatingly endeavor.  HouseWrights ID has years of experience building custom homes and can help you navigate the process. Each house, family, and home building experience is different and so our role can differ depending on your needs. Below are a few possible roles that HouseWrights can fill to help meet your project's needs. 

General Contrator

Contract Lump Sum

Includes handling overall project at any phase, handling permit process, contracting subs and in house work. Includes carrying builders risk insurance. Contractor assumes majority of Liability.

Contract Time and Material

Contract T&M Time and Materials Plus 15% Includes Man Hour Labor Rate at $55.00 per hour cost of materials with an additional increase of 15% across the top. HouseWrights ID will help coordinate sub contractor schedules, will not be responsible for subs that are chosen. Regular reports are made to Owner. Owner is responsible to carry permit, insurances, to pay HouseWrights ID, sub contractors, suppliers, and incidentals. Owner assumes majority of Liability.

Project Management

Contract Lump sum with HouseWrights for management of project. HouseWrights will work directly with owner during all aspects and phases of construction handling project scheduling, sub contractor proposals, material shopping for best pricing. HouseWrights reserves the right to bid in competition with sub contractors for work performed. All final contract decisions are made by owner. Owner assumes majority of Liability.

Bid Work

Contract Estimated lump sum amount to perform scope of work on certain aspects of a  projects. This is usual very common in remodel or Tennant Improvement finishes. HouseWrights assumes the Liability associated with scope of work. Owner assumes majoritity of Liability.

Due to the time commitment required by new construction projects, HouseWrights ID is not always available to take on new projects. Contact us by phone or email to see if we are currently making bids on New Construction projects!



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